Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My baby

I added a couple pictures on FB of my son and his friends who left last week for a mission trip to Germany. This was taken with my phone at the Charlotte airport so it's not the best quality. This isn't the greatest photo of me either but since I'm not in a lot of pictures I figured I would share here too. Yes, I'm a typical scrapbook mom, you know, no pictures of me. *grin* Although I have to say since my mom scrapbooks too we try to get more well rounded shots. We figure that our descendants should know what the two women in the family looked like.

Anyway I digress. This is my son Quin. He is 14 and I'm really starting to miss him. I know he is having a great time. I really hope that I get some pictures to scrapbook when he comes home! He refused to take a camera but a couple other young people have them and I made Quin's guardian promise to get me some. Now that is strange, saying Quin's guardian, not to mention he is only 21. He's a wonderful, responsible young man and I'm trusting God to see that they are safe. So on that thought I will say good bye and hope to see ya soon!


  1. Germany is beautiful. Good thing there is a camera along and it's so easy to share pictures these days.

  2. I think it's a wonderful pic of you, can't wait to see it scrapped (hint, hint). I envy Quinn for getting to go to Germany, I'm still waiting to go.