Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today is our Wednesday scrap challenge. I'm in the Halloween mood lately. Since my kids don't dress up anymore I love that I can make cards for Operation Write Home. Someone asked me if I sent Halloween cards and I never have but I might just do it this year. (If you know me you know that I make cards all year but never mail any including Christmas cards.)

A few years ago I dressed up as Velma from Scoopy Doo. Before I went to work that day I went over to my parents and my mom took some pictures. As I was driving off for work someone down the street from them was putting up those huge blow up displays. One was Scooby so I stopped and asked the woman to take my picture with it. Sounds normal enough right? Everyone stops and asks strangers to take their picture with one of their outdoor decorations.

My mom and I scrapbook together and when she saw the pictures with Scooby Doo she asked who had taken them and where I was. I reminded her that I had stopped at her neighbors. One of the gals that scrapbooks with us at our LSS (Scrapbook Concepts) was talking about her Halloween parties. She is a BIG TIME Halloween fan and has a huge event every year. She invited us to come and told us where she lives. Turns out it is right down the street from, you guessed it, my parents. I asked her if she had a huge Scooby Doo decoration almost as a joke. We couldn't believe it when she said yes. It wasn't weird enough that we had been scrapbooking with her for almost 2 years and didn't realize they lived only houses away but this is the person who took my picture.

So anyway here is my card that is using the left over paper from my Velma costume that was taken at my mom's neighbors house who we didn't know that we have been scrapbooking with for a couple of years now. Thanks Sabrina, nice to meet you. LOL