Thursday, August 5, 2010

Converting SVG files to WPC

I was looking for what seemed like forever to figure out how to convert SVGs to WPC. The WPC is what Pazzle files are which is what I have. There are so many cute files out there I just had to learn how to do this. One of the people who has great files is Carolina Girl.

I'm a member of The Craft Room which is well worth the money if anyone has a Pazzles. I found this post on the forum there and asked Amanda if I could share it. I followed these instructions and wow is it easy to convert now!

Re: SVG to WPC help

Postby amanda » Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:21 pm

"I decided to do some investigating on how to convert SVG's to WPC's. Inkscape is a nice program and free which makes it even better. Unfortunately in it's current version, the DXF file export doesn't work. Hopefully when they release Inkscape 0.48 it will be fixed but until then, I discovered a fix for Inkscape 0.47 to make it work. Here's my method for converting SVG's.

First download and install Inkscape from There is a link in the top right corner of the page for you to download.

Then go to this website and about two thirds of the way down the page is a link that says "Better Better DXF Output". Download this file.

Extract the files and then copy and paste them to Inkscape>share>extensions folder. Your Inkscape folder is likely under your C drive and the folder "Program Files". You will get a warning saying that some of the files are duplicates, tell your computer to overwrite the existing files with the new ones.

If you have Inkscape open, close it and restart it.

Open your SVG file in Inkscape and then select "Save As" and choose "Better Better DXF Output (DXF)".

Open your Inspiration Studio and select Import>DXF. Your DXF will import quite large so make sure to shrink it down and then resave as a WPC.

Once you have Inkscape and the DXF export fix installed, converting SVG to WPC is super easy.

Hopefully in the future I can make a video tutorial on this, but for now i hope this helps!"

So I do hope that maybe useful to others out there.

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