Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Thursday everyone! I have had so much fun coloring this stamp. Her name is Willow and she came from 7 kids college fund. I'm having problems trying to keep myself from buying all the great stamps out there.

Plus there are so many great digi stamps. I didn't even realize that one of the images that I printed out to color is from another inspiration team member Yolanda. Check out her blog at Imagine. Make. Share. She has an adorable clown and others. She is going to have to get drawing though so I don't run out of things to color. (hint, hint)

Notice also if you will that I figured out how to make a fancy watermark on my picture. I'm learning this stuff gals, it's just taking me a bit. I'm going to try my hand a blog banner soon. I'll let you know how that comes out.

Anyway here is a card that I made using the Willow stamp. My little bling items came from Big Lots and the dollar bin at Michaels. I'm not at home to check the paper manufacturer. My mom actually looked over and said "hey did you make that out of that ugly paper stack I gave you?" Yep, it sure is and now she might want her ugly paper back. I guess that I'll share with her. ;-)

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  1. Very nice! I just love Willow. I buy most of my stamps directly from Whiff of Joy. Even though they are overseas, the shipping is very reasonable, and the ship time isn't bad at all. They usually have a bigger selection in stock than 7Kids (although, it all depends on the time of year).
    Anyhow - back to you! :) I love your coloring! And YAY that you learned to make the watermark!! :)