Saturday, October 2, 2010

World Card Making is Today!

I'm being lazy but it's world card making day! So if I get up and make it to my scrap desk I'll be doing great. I did get up early though and cleaned our bedroom. Swapped out some summer to winter clothes, got stuff for Good Will donation and got out hunting clothes. I also unpacked a suitcase and duffel bag. It was used for a labor day trip so I figured it was time. ;-) Quite a busy morning.

I bought 1000 envelopes just now. I got some this week from Office Depot that was $12 or so for 100. The one's that I bought today are from Heinrich. Even with the shipping and the $10 minimum they came out to $3.80 per 100. That way we can stamp and tuck our cards before sending them to Operation Write Home. I've been reading about how much time our three shippers spend getting the cards ready for their trip overseas. It's amazing that they have a minute of time left for themselves. Sandy shipped out 2,970 cards today at a cost of $112.50. Check that! So I guess if she can do that I can get my fanny to my scrap desk and help fill up more boxes.

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