Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Gonna give this one a try

Got to check out if this blog is easier to use than the one at Wordpress. I'm going to add an image and see how that works.

This is a photo of my son Alan at the welding rodeo that was here recently. It's a great picture of him isn't it? Actually this is the best one of the weld. I was scared to look at it too long. Everyone kept telling me not to look at it or I would get my eyes burned.

So now I need to go learn how to take photos of my cards. I'm sure there is something about that at Color Me Creative where I'm taking my Copic class.


  1. I started last year with word press and
    I didn't like it.....I have blogger/blogspot and it's a lot more user friendly!!!

  2. I've taken the same kind of picture of my son, who is a welder. He'd get in position and I would aim,turn my head before he started the weld and shoot without looking. Don't want to melt your eyeballs out. Good times.